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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'm Back!!

Yes, I'm back and hopefully for awhile. Well, that is, I am back to blogging, but not back home. I have just embarked on an adventure! I am in Italy working at a school as a dorm mother for boarding students. Most of them arrived today and it was a wonderful chaos...girls excited to see old friends, girls crying because it is their first time going to a boarding school and leaving their parents, girls asking the Sisters who are in charge if they can smoke (girls in 9th grade no less), girls running crazily into eachothers' rooms, girls closing their doors because they want to be alone because they are shy... and me standing there the whole time looking stupid because I can't understand most of what they are saying. Well, I will be a lesson in patience for all of them, and they will be a lesson in perseverance for me. So unbeknowanced to them we will probably get eachother to heaven!! Meanwhile I am madly studying Italian and Madre Gina (the Sister who runs the kitchen) continues to laugh at my attempts to say something to her. Someday, Someday.... I can tell that some of the girls are going to take full advantage of the fact that I don't know what they are saying - they are the mischievious ones - however since I too am mischievious I will probably know what they are up to without having to understand Italian! Then there are the girls who won't be able to talk to me when they need someone to comfort them - I need to learn Italian for their sakes first. Lots to do and very little time, but the first week is going well and I am enjoying it! Two girls from Mexico will come on Monday. Both speak Spanish and some English and one of them speaks Italian, so I am not the only one learning!! Anyway life is good though I miss everyone States side!! Love you all!!


Blogger Adrienne said...

Well, welcome back, dearest! I miss you a great deal, but am madly praying for you. You are a very brave person, Ted, and I am very proud of you!

2:46 PM  
Blogger Fidelio said...

Ted, we're coming to Florence next week! Be prepared...get with us.

Jen & Lola

3:12 PM  

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