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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Miracles Happen!!

Ok, ok, I'm writing! I've got to ease into this thing of actually blogging. What's been happening? Well, on February 9th I had my first day of substitute teaching and I taught gym class to kindergarteners, first graders, second graders, third graders, fourth graders, fifth graders, sixth graders, seventh graders, and eighth graders... yes, I was tired at the end of the day. Then I went to CPAC (for all those non Poli Sci people that would be the Conservative Political Action Conference held every year in DC) and I got to hear Ann Coulter speak again - she is just awesome and hilarious. I'd love to bring her to speak at this school but I think she'd be a little too much for some of our Classics/Phil/Hist majors (joke). Then I promptly got sick and had a miserable weekend and beginning of the week and missed classes and student teaching etc. Then I got better and was back in the swing of things. Then I went to Christy's place for an invitation addressing/stuffing/stamping party!!! Then I stayed home to spend some time with my grandmother. Then I came back to school for an awesome St. Genesius' Night put on by an incredibly organized and diligent Beth, and hosted by an incredibly talented Jacinta (who was also sadly very sick), Shaquesia, and Mike. You know I have never seen Shaquesia in person and I had no idea about her...well never mind I better not say! Anyway, Sunday another of my dear friends, Michele, fell ill to the plague. Monday I went in to student teach and found out I was the only teacher that day. So about 8 lessons of Math and one History lesson was pretty exciting for those poor unsuspecting 5th and 6th graders!! So I guess I am talking about today! And for all those who really care and/or know the significance of this: Today is the anniversary of my getting sick...yup, four years ago today my life changed is still being debated in committee as to whether that change has been for the better!! ; )

Well, until next time...


Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Yay! Ted blogged! (Beware ladies and gents, the apocolypse may be immanent.) :)

12:26 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Wow, four years ago? That makes me sad. Poor Ted! But, now you are happy and well again (both from your illness and from last week's plague). Things seem so hard when they are happening. But when it's over and you look back a year or plus later, it's amazing to see how much you've grown. God is incredible!

And I am glad that you are better!

4:14 PM  
Blogger Phantom Seraphim said...

Ahhhhh... Ted is in our world...

{evil giggles erupt, but with a wave of his hand, he silences them all}

{who is he? you got me. it seemed funny at the time...}

Anywho, I'm sorry to hear about the plague that was going aroudn Christendom. It sounded like quite an epidemic from what I heard! If there is anyone else sick, you might want to recommend Vitamin C and a lot of sleep. That's usually a good help for the good ol' immune system... :)

Oh, and I've added your blog to my list of blogs on my blog. (Say that five-times fast...)

5:06 AM  

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